One of the most important features of the local economy is its proximity to Moscow.

On the territory of the Moscow region, there are 77 cities and towns.

Moscow region is located in the central part of the East European Plain, in the basin of the rivers of Volga, Oka, Klyazma, Moskva. The region stretches from north to south for 310 km, from west to east – 340 km.
The territory of the Moscow region was inhabited more than 20 thousand years ago. In the first millennium AD, this land was inhabited mostly by the Finno-Ugric peoples. In the 9-10 centuries, the Slavs began active development of the region.
In the middle of the 12 centuries, the territory of the present Moscow region became part of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality, the first towns were founded. In the first half of the 13 centuries, the Vladimir-Suzdal principality was conquered by the Mongols.
In the 14-16 centuries, Moscow principality became the center of unification of Russian lands.
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