Cinema as a way of life

ALLEGRO FILM was founded in 2012 by producers Alexander Naas and Elena Peresvetova.
We are an ambitious young company that brought together the best experts in the field of cinema, television and advertising in order to produce quality products.

The search for the best possible quality is the most important concern of the company. For that, we maintain a complete production cycle thanks to our various partners.Allegro Film always has the best team, filming in the best sets


The advantages of the company
Our mission is simple, we provide a wide range of services for video and film production in Russia:
Sourcing and crew hiring locally in Russia or at the international scale
Location scouting, location management
Scheduling and logistics
Translation services
Pre-production, casting and film permits
Equipment rental
Set construction
Costume fitting and costume design
Production service
If you have a script and budget, or if you need Russian filming locations, we can help you to realize your ideas. We are ready to put together an ideal film crew for projects of any scale: from independent films to multi-million-dollar projects or TV shows.
We help foreign filming crews with Visas, Invitations, Accommodation, Logistics and any other question.
We have English, French, Italian, Arabic, German speaking crews for filming throughout all over Russia.
ALLEGRO FILM can also provide you the best production service in Tunisia through it affiliate companies Tunisian International Studios and Naas Films Society
The Russian film festival in Tunisia
Our company is at the origin of the organization of the Russian film festival in Tunisia called “Russian Spring in Tunisia” which will celebrate its first jubilee of 5 years in 2016.
In the frameworks of the festival several dozen films, including documentaries, were screened.
Can provide everything needed for a film production of high quality in both countries. We provide everything necessary for the realization of quality product.